Home Health Education and Community Care Initiative

Lectures and workshops by doctors, nurses and therapists on achieving and maintaining health using natural and Anthroposophical products and methods, including artistic therapy, curative eurythmy, and other adjunctive therapies.

 Fostering cooperation support within the community based on these methods as well fostering the inherent non-medical healing resources within the community.

Helping Hearts and Hands

An initiative to provide financial help for people who need assistance in gaining access to necessary health services or products, as well as spiritual and emotional support to those who are ill.

Threshold Care

THRESHOLD CARE is a New England based network of trained practitioners who provide practical and spiritual care before, during and after death.  Through hands-on support and education, we serve to empower individuals and their families to honor their unique expressions of the living and dying experience.

Immunization Safety

Education and information on controversal issues surrounding vaccines.

Safe Water

Cooperating with grassroots groups on the issue of drinking water safety, especially with regard to fluoridation.

Health Freedom

Raising awareness of issues concerning and promoting our right to the health care of our choice.